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About Us
For over 53 years we have been providing quality and affordable custon rods, gaffs,
lanaing, bait well nets, tallerscopig shrimp nets, and complete stock of rod componentes for industry.
components to our customers on a timely and reliable service.
We have come to appreciate and value our customers for they are the reason our business has succeeded
throughout the years.
At Ricky's, we would like to take a moment and thank all of our valued customers.
We really appreciate and express our gratitude for all your referrals and your repeated business.
We are committed to exceed your expectations and provide you with excellent service.
You are our most important asset!
Many thanks for your interest in our products.
R.J. Riano Sr. President

Los Cimientos de nuestra Empresa Fueron formados en un inicio en la fabricacion de varas de Pescar de la mas alta Calidad, Con los mejores componentes que se utilizan en la actualidad en la terminacion de todas las varas.
Desde 1968 estamos presente en el mercado mejorando la calidad de nuestros producctos y el servicio a nuestros clientes Somos una Industria familiar con el lema Calidad ANTES Cantidad

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